How to obtain a quotation

To obtain a free no obligation quotation for your gasket requirements, no matter how small, just send us the following information via e-mail:

1. An image, drawing, blueprint, or scan of the gasket. To learn how to make a good scan of a gasket please click here.

2. The length and width of the gasket in inches or mm.

3. The thickness of the gasket in inches or mm.

4. If the material isn't obvious from the image or scan, or not stated in the drawing, please let us know what is required.

5. Quantity you are looking for.

Optional: Please let us know the weight of the gasket if you want us to quote the cost of shipping gaskets to you.

Once we have your information it will take anywhere from 1-7 business days to provide you with a quotation. We will send you a quotation form like the one below.

If you decide to place an order just let us know. You can find more information on ordering here.