Gaskets-to-Go® is a Verified PayPal® merchant, and is authorized to accept payment by credit card or PayPal® account. To check our verfication status, please click on one of the PayPal® Verified logos below.

How Payment Works

Step 1: After you let us know that you wish to place an order, Gaskets-To-Go® will send you a PayPal® invoice via e-mail.

Step 2: Click the payment link in the PayPal® invoice you receive from Gaskets-To-Go® and follow the instructions to pay via credit card or PayPal®. Please note that you DO NOT have to sign up with PayPal® in order to pay by credit card.

Safety & Security

All Gaskets-to-Go® PayPal® transactions are handled in the United States, and your credit card information is not shared with Gaskets-To-Go®. For more information about the safety of PayPal® transactions please click here (a new browser window will open).

Note: Orders will not be processed until payment is received, so in order to avoid delay please pay the invoice at your earliest convenience.