Palmer was an American maker of small marine engines, most popularly in later years the P60/M60 based on the C-60 used in the IHC Cub Lo-Boy tractor. This customer specified a composite material with stainless steel fire ring head gasket because his boat was used in salt water, and the old steel sandwich gasket suffered erosion as can be seen in the picture below. The customer ordered a pair of gaskets. Although not a requirement, I advise ordering head gaskets in pairs because you never know when a head might need to be pulled for valve work, and it is a bad idea and false economy to re-use head gaskets, or any gaskets for that matter. For marine use it is imperative to keep a spare head gasket on board as there are no parts shops in the middle of the ocean!

If you have a Palmer and need a new head gasket contact us as the customer kindly allowed us to keep the old gasket for use as a template. Note: We have also made some copper/sandwich gaskets for the Palmer, which you can see below the first image.

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